Passport Requirements

Before applying for a visa, please ensure that the international passport:

  1. Is valid for the duration of stay in the U.S.  NOTE: Ukraine has been added to the list of countries (PDF, 33 KB) that extend passport validity for an additional 6 months after expiration.  Passport holders of other countries must have passports valid for at least 6 months after the anticipated departure from the US.
  2. Has at least two facing pages available where a visa will be placed.  NOTE: visas cannot be placed on the Special Notes pages.
  3. Has all pages intact.

If an applicant already has a valid U.S. visa, but his/her international passport has run out of pages, expired or will expire within 6 months:

  1. An applicant can obtain a new international passport and apply for a new visa, or
  2. An applicant can present two passports at the U.S. border: one, which fulfills the visa requirement, and the other – the passport requirement.  NOTE: the traveler’s nationality, as indicated in the new passport, must be the same as in the passport bearing the visa.  The difference in the name transliteration in the passports will not affect the validity of the visa.

If an applicant prefers to place a new visa in a new international passport, he/she might qualify for the Renewal Procedure and Renewal by Mail Procedure.

If your passport with a valid US visa was lost, stolen, or destroyed by local authorities, you must complete the form (PDF, 168 KB)  in either English or Ukrainian language and attach it to your visa application package.