Members of Diplomatic Missions & Government Officials (A, G)

With the exception of a Head of State or Government who qualifies for an A1 visa regardless of the purpose of his or her visit to the United States, the type of visa required by a diplomat or other government official depends upon his or her reason for entering the United States.

Members of Diplomatic Missions

Regardless of the purpose of travel, the following applicants, or a designated representative, may submit documents Monday-Friday at 2:00 P.M. without an appointment:

  1. International staff of diplomatic missions with embassies or consulates in Ukraine.
  2. International staff from a recognized international organization, such as UN, IMF, World Bank, WHO, etc.
  3. Local staff members travelling on official business on behalf of a mission or international organization.  NOTE: Local staff members traveling for personal business or tourism must use the usual application process.

After reviewing all documents, the Consular employee will inform the applicant or his/her representative if an interview is required, or when s/he can pick up the passport and visa (in person or via a representative).

Government Officials

Officials from the Ukrainian government who are going to the U.S. on official government business will need a Note Verbale from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) that can be submitted by the MFA designated courier or official (numbered) support letter signed by an MFA-authorized officer from their respective ministry. If a Note Verbale  or support letter cannot be provided, please arrange visa interviews through  the call center.

Diplomatic Visa Categories

  • A1 – Ambassador, Heads of State, career diplomatic or consular officer, and members of immediate family
  • A2 – Other foreign government official or employee, and members of immediate family
  • A3 – Attendant, servant, or personal employee of A1 and A2, and members of immediate family
  • C2 – Applicant in transit to United Nations Headquarters
  • C3 – Foreign government official, members of immediate family, attendant, servant, or personal employee in transit
  • G1 – Permanent representative to international organization
  • G2 – Temporary representative to international organization
  • G3 – Representative of non-recognized or non-member government to international organization
  • G4 – Employee of international organization and family
  • G5 – Attendant, servant or personal employee of G1, G2, G3, G4 visa holder and members of immediate family

Required Documents

  1. DS-160 (NOTE: Applicants are not required to pay the MRV fee in advance.  If the fee is required, the applicant or representative will be informed at the time of document submission).
  2. International Travel Passport
  3. Note Verbale from the MFA or official (numbered) support letter signed by an MFA-authorized institution. To include:
    1. Name and date of birth;
    2. Position and title;
    3. Place of assignment or visit;
    4. Purpose of travel;
    5. Brief description of duties;
    6. Travel dates;
    7. Anticipated length of stay, or tour of duty in the United States;
    8. The names, relationships, and DOBs of any dependents and other members of household who will be accompanying or joining the principal applicant.
  4.    For A3, G5 visa applicants only: the printable version of the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Act (WWTVPRA) pamphletNOTE: If you are applying for A3, G5 visas, it is required to carefully read and become familiar with the pamphlet BEFORE the visa interview.