Immigrant Visas

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States Embassy in Ukraine remains unable to conduct normal visa operations. We are currently offering as many appointments as resources and safety allow in mission-critical visa categories.

Immigrant visas 

Starting April 1, the Embassy will offer appointments in every immigrant visa category, including K visas and diversity visas. The number of appointments available will be extremely limited until conditions significantly improve, and it will take time to clear the backlog of immigrant visa cases. Even though appointments are now available, it does not mean you will be immediately successful in booking an appointment.

Nonimmigrant visas

Due to prioritization of immigrant visas, the Embassy has a reduced capacity to process nonimmigrant visas. We will continue to offer a limited number of appointments in mission-critical categories, mostly for C1/D crewmembers, but also a small number of student and petition-based visas. We encourage all applicants to be mindful of the constraints and also to apply early. Appointments will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis as capacity allows.

We are not able to provide appointments for B1/B2 routine business or tourist travel at this time and are unable to provide a specific date for when those appointments will be available. Your MRV fee is valid and may be used to schedule an interview appointment in the country where it was purchased until September 30, 2022.

We also continue to process visas that are eligible for renewal through the interview waiver process. To see if you qualify to renew your visa by mail, please visit

Emergency requests 

If you have an urgent matter and need to travel immediately, please follow the guidance provided at (for B1/B2, students, and petition-based visas) or email (for K visas) to request an emergency appointment. Please note that a request for an expedited visa appointment will only be considered in the event of a serious humanitarian emergency, and only for citizens and permanent residents of Ukraine.

Health and safety

You must wear a face mask when visiting the Embassy. If you are feeling ill or have reason to believe you have been exposed to COVID-19, please do not enter the Embassy and reschedule your appointment for a later date.

Immigrant visas to the United States are processed for citizens and residents of Ukraine at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv.

To apply for an immigrant visa, a foreign citizen seeking to immigrate generally must be sponsored by a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident immediate relative(s), or prospective U.S. employer, and have an approved petition before applying for an immigrant visa. The sponsor begins the process by filing a petition on the foreign citizen’s behalf with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  You may wish to review our Directory of Visa Categories  to learn about the different types of immigrant visas to the United States, including our Diversity Visa Program.  Then, follow the steps on the Immigrant Visa Process, or on the Diversity Visa Process to begin applying for an immigrant visa.

Once USCIS has approved your petition and you have completed pre-processing with the National Visa Center (NVC), or if you have been selected in the Diversity Visa Lottery and completed processing with the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), review the instructions given to you by the NVC or the KCC, along with the information presented on this website, for further guidance and instructions.

Immigrant Visas