Unmanned Aircraft Systems from U.S. Government Delivered to Ukraine

July 27, 2016. 24 RQ-11B Raven Unmanned Aircraft Systems (comprised of 72 aircraft and associated equipment) arrived at Boryspil International Airport July 27.  The Raven Unmanned Aircraft System is a hand-launched reconnaissance and surveillance tool.  The system transmits live airborne video images and location information to a ground control stations.  This capability can provide day or night aerial intelligence and enables operators to navigate, recognize terrain, and record information for analysis.

Raven system is part of the European Reassurance Initiative package and on-going security assistance efforts in Ukraine.  Several dozen Ukrainian soldiers  already have completed training on Raven Unmanned Aircraft System in Huntsville, Alabama.  The United States has committed more than $600 million in training and equipment to help Ukraine better defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.