United States and Ukraine Cooperate to Strengthen Counter Nuclear Smuggling Capabilities

Press Release
July 25, 2017

Representatives from the United States and Ukraine met on July 24-25, 2017, in Kyiv, to discuss the legal tools for successful prosecutions of nuclear and other radioactive material smuggling.  The delegations exchanged approaches and best practices for prosecuting such smuggling cases and noted the importance of continued vigilance to ensure these dangerous materials do not fall into the hands of terrorists or other criminals who might use them for malicious purposes.  Both sides pledged their continued commitment to work together on these issues and identify opportunities for further collaboration.  A representative from the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime’s Terrorism Prevent Branch also participated in the meeting. 

This engagement supports the U.S.-Ukraine Counter Nuclear Smuggling Joint Action Plan, signed in 2006, that commits our two countries to joint efforts to prevent, detect, and respond to nuclear and radioactive materials smuggling.  The Joint Action Plan includes provisions to assist Ukraine with securing its nuclear and other radioactive materials, strengthening the regulatory and legal infrastructures that control their use, improving security at the borders, and enhancing capacity to investigate and prosecute nuclear smuggling cases.  The United States and Ukraine have enjoyed over 10 years of productive cooperation and progress on the Joint Action Plan.