United States Delivers Two Q-36 Counter Battery Radar Systems to Ukraine

In response to a request from Ukraine, and as part of our ongoing efforts to bolster Ukraine’s defense and internal security operations, today the United States delivered two AN/TPQ-36 radar systems to Ukraine at a ceremony in Lviv. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko had the opportunity to review the equipment, and was briefed by U.S. military personnel on its capabilities.  The radar systems delivered today will help defend Ukrainian military personnel and civilians against rocket and artillery attacks, which have historically been the most lethal threat to Ukrainian personnel and civilians.

The equipment was delivered on a rapid timeline – less than two months after President Obama delegated to the Secretary of State the authority to draw down up to $20 million in defense articles and services and up to $1.5 million in non-lethal commodities and services to provide these systems to Ukraine.

The provision of these systems brings our total security assistance committed to Ukraine in response to the crisis to more than $265 million since 2014.