United States Announces Additional $10 Million Dollars in Support for the Construction of the Chornobyl Interim Spent Storage Facility

Today at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Nuclear Safety Account Donors Assembly in Kyiv, the United States pledged an additional $10 million dollars in U.S. support to help ensure the safety of the Chornobyl nuclear facility and people living in the surrounding area.

The pledge builds on the more than $400 million dollars in support the United States has already committed to Ukraine over the last three decades to help mitigate the consequences of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster, including $377 million dollars for the Chornobyl Shelter Fund and €31 million euros to the Nuclear Safety Account.

As Ukraine and the world mark the 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster tomorrow, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, the brave emergency workers who gave their lives to prevent an even greater disaster, and all those affected by the fallout.

The United States will remain a committed partner as Ukraine works to confine the aging sarcophagus, secure the spent fuel, decommission the plant, and return the site to an environmentally safe and secure condition.