U.S. Embassy Announces New Assistance to Roll Out First COVID-19 Vaccines in Ukraine

February 8, 2021

Today, U.S. Embassy Kyiv Chargé d’Affaires Kristina Kvien announced the United States would provide new assistance to Ukraine in its effort to receive and distribute the COVID-19 vaccines due to arrive in Ukraine within weeks. 

“With the mass vaccine rollout taking place in the immediate future—something that is extremely complex and ambitious—I am pleased to announce that the United States is going to provide new support to receive and distribute the first 117,000 doses of thePfizer vaccine delivered to Ukraine from the Covax Facility,” Kvien said. 

The United States has already provided more than $48 million in support to Ukraine to support the health system, provide protective equipment, assist small and medium sized enterprises impacted by the pandemic, fight disinformation on the virus, and support other government initiatives. 

The new assistance will help Ukrainian health authorities ensure the vaccine can be securely stored and transported at the extremely cold temperatures required for the Pfizer vaccine. With no existing capacity to manage vaccines at these temperatures within the public sector, Ukraine needed support to arrange the logistics very rapidly, Kvien said. 

“This is not our largest donation to date but it is comes at a critical moment,” she said. “It builds on our long-standing partnership with Ukraine to support health reform and combat infectious disease, including COVID. As you know we have provided already $48 million in assistance to Ukraine, for COVID alone – on top of our ongoing health cooperation in Tuberculosis, HIV, health reform, and mental health and disabilities. We are happy that we could mobilize resources from these ongoing programs quickly to meet this specific and urgent need,” she stated. 

USAID assistance will enable contracting with a logistics firm to support the Ministry of Health in receiving, storing and transporting the first doses of the vaccine throughout the country.