U.S. Delivers $23 Million in Vital Military Communications and Medical Equipment to Ukraine

Last night at Boryspil International Airport, the United States delivered $23 million in vital military communications and medical equipment to Ukraine.  The shipment included $21 million in secure radio equipment to help Ukrainian soldiers communicate effectively without putting themselves in harm’s way, as well as nearly $2 million in battlefield life-saving medical equipment.

After clearing customs, the U.S.-donated equipment will be delivered to Ukrainian Army units participating in U.S.-led training taking place at Yavoriv and Khmelnitsky.  U.S. trainers from the Joint Multinational Training Group (JMTG-U) will train Ukrainian soldiers on the equipment for use on the frontlines.

This $23 million in assistance is part of the United States’ $75 million dollar European Reassurance Initiative (ERI).  Since the Ukraine conflict began, the United States has committed more than $260 million in security assistance to Ukraine, including the provision of body armor, vehicles, night and thermal vision devices, medical equipment, heavy engineering equipment, radios, patrol boats, rations, tents, and counter-mortar radars.