Broadway Comes to Ukraine!

So you think you can dance … or sing? Open auditions are coming to Dnipro, Kramatorsk and Kharkiv as the U.S. Embassy brings Broadway to Ukraine!

“White lights lining Broadway in the heart of Manhattan, as bright at night as in midday. Home to much of the finest music, dance and drama ever written, filling great theaters with timeless stories.”

This is the opening line of “Broadway Bound,” a program designed to give Ukrainians the Broadway show experience from auditions through the final performance. American actors and dancers will be traveling to Dnipro, Kramatorsk and Kharkiv to audition local singers and dancers to star in a Broadway-style revue.

In 2017, the United States and Ukraine are celebrating 25 years of diplomatic relations. To cap off this year-long celebration, the U.S. Embassy has invited a group of American artists under the direction of Paul Gordon Emerson and Amikaeyla Gaston of the Washington, D.C.-based “Company E” to bring Broadway to Ukraine.

Through auditions, they will select approximately 50 aspiring dancers and singers to participate in a 10-day program culminating in a Broadway revue of the greatest songs and dances ever to grace the stage. The auditions will take place in three cities – in Dnipro on November 30, in Kramatorsk on December 2, and in Kharkiv on December 3. These auditions are open to Ukrainian citizens 18 to 35 who wish to showcase their talent. The rehearsals will take place in Kharkiv from December 5 to 13, and the final performances will take place at the Kharkiv National Opera and Ballet Theater on December 14 and 15. These final performances will be free and open to the public. While in each city, the American artists also will give vocal and dance master classes open to the public.

For more information on the “Broadway Bound” auditions, master classes and performances visitПроект-Шлях-до-Бродвею-300679607115521/

Media interested in covering the auditions, rehearsals and/or final performances should contact or 044-521-5548.