Statement by Secretary Kerry: 20th Anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide

Today we mark 20 years since 8,000 people were murdered in the mountains of Eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The discovery of that unconscionable crime against humanity–of broken bodies piled in mass graves–shocked the conscience of the world. This anniversary is a powerful reminder of the need to confront evil in all its forms, and to stand up for human rights and dignity.

Those who perpetrated that massacre must be brought to justice. And we must remember Srebrenica’s victims and all the victims of the war–not just today but every day.

The United States has been and remains a steadfast partner of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina – helping to build security through the Dayton Peace Accords, and providing economic assistance and technical advice as the country has moved from conflict, to recovery, to development.

Our goal is to support continued progress towards a fully stable and prosperous Bosnia and Herzegovina in a region where citizens are able to live as neighbors in peace and with respect for the rights of all.

As we reflect on the Srebrenica genocide, we honor the memory of the victims by reaffirming our resolve to ensure such tragedies cannot happen again.