Statement on Proposed List of Priority Reforms

Press Release
Statement on Proposed List of Priority Reforms
U.S. Embassy Kyiv
September 25, 2023

As part of an ongoing dialogue with Ukraine and stakeholders in Ukraine’s future success, the United States provided a proposed list of priority reforms for discussion and feedback at the Multi-Donor Coordination Platform in Brussels. This list was provided as a basis for consultation with the Government of Ukraine and key partners as part of our enduring support to Ukraine and its efforts to integrate into Europe, a goal the United States strongly supports. The aim of the effort is to prioritize and consolidate reform steps with Ukraine and among key stakeholders. As President Biden said in his White House meeting with President Zelenskyy, “Just as we are committed to helping the Ukrainian people defend themselves now, we’re also committed to helping them recover and rebuild for the future, including supporting reforms that are going to combat corruption, creating an environment where businesses can thrive and where American and European businesses want to invest.”