Statement by the G7 Ambassadors in Support of Electoral Reform in Ukraine

November 15, 2017

We congratulate the Verkhovna Rada for adopting the draft election code #3112-1 in the first reading. We agree that now is the time for electoral reform, allowing at least one year for implementation prior to the 2019 elections.

We believe that there is still room for a transparent, inclusive and consultative process before the second reading in order to further enhance democratic representation, including through effective sanctions for violations of election laws and for the abuse of state resources, to increase political participation and representation of vulnerable and minority groups, including women and internally displaced persons, and to accelerate political finance reform.

We also call for a renewal in 2017 of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) by filling all expired 13 seats, thereby establishing a politically balanced election commission, with a strong, long-term mandate, supported by a modernized election administration.

We strongly believe that electoral reforms, in line with relevant international commitments and standards, are pivotal to realizing Ukraine’s full potential. Effective and credible electoral processes, and the resulting legitimacy of elected institutions and leaders, will have a profound impact on long-term democratic strengthening, political stability, and economic progress.