Statement by Chargé D’Affaires Bruce Donahue

Prosecutors hold a privileged place in a democratic society.  They are entrusted by their people not only to represent the law and enforce it, but to make good on the promise of fairness and equality, and to protect the needs of victims and the rights of all.

That’s why the reform of the Prosecutor General’s Office is so important, and why on August 10th the United States signed a Joint Action Plan with Deputy Prosecutor General David Sakvarelidze to provide $2 million dollars in U.S. assistance to support reform, anti-corruption, and capacity building at the PGO.

It is critical that these reforms be undertaken in an open and transparent manner – consistent with the Procuracy Reform Law, international standards, and in coordination with national and international stakeholders – so that the Ukrainian people can have full faith and confidence in their laws and in those who have sworn to enforce them.

We stand firmly with those working to realize these reforms, which will bring Ukraine closer to the modern, democratic, European future the Ukrainian people want and deserve.