Security Alert: U.S. Embassy Kyiv, Ukraine

Location: Ukraine

Event:  Russia has launched attacks against Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure as well as government facilities in Kyiv and elsewhere.  Russia’s continued strikes in Ukraine pose a direct threat to civilians and civilian infrastructure.  The U.S. Embassy urges US citizens to shelter in place and depart Ukraine now using privately available ground transportation options when it is safe to do so.

See additional safety information from a previous Security Alert below:

  • If you hear a loud explosion or if sirens are activated, immediately seek cover.
  • If in a home or a building, go to the lowest level of the structure with the fewest exterior walls, windows, and openings; close any doors and sit near an interior wall, away from any windows or openings.
  • If you are outdoors, immediately seek cover in a hardened structure; if that is not possible, lie down and cover your head with your hands.
  • Be aware that even if the incoming missile or drone is intercepted, falling debris represents a significant risk.
  • After the attack, stay away from any debris, and monitor major news outlets for official guidance.

The security situation throughout Ukraine is highly volatile and conditions may deteriorate without warning. U.S. citizens should remain vigilant and take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness.

Actions to Take:

  • Know the location of your closest shelter or protected space.
  • Follow the instructions from local authorities and seek shelter immediately in the event of mortar and/or rocket fire.
  • Regularly monitor local and international news and social media news channels.
  • Ensure travel documents are valid and easily accessible.
  • Visit the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv’s webpage to view safety and security alerts for U.S. citizens.
  • Review your personal security plans and always have a contingency plan in place that does not rely on U.S. government assistance.
  • Get a COVID vaccine to facilitate your travel.