Secretary of State John Kerry before Russian Young Professionals Roundtable

SECRETARY KERRY:  Well, look, this is a great pleasure.  I’m really very happy to meet with all of you, because you are the future, and because you’re all engaged in exciting endeavors to try to do new things, break through, be entrepreneurs.  And that’s – I mean, everywhere I go in the world as Secretary – and obviously, I’ve now traveled many miles, been to many, many countries – the young people in all these countries are so excited by the technology, the productivity, the possibilities, whether it’s energy sector or retail products, whatever.  There’s just a lot happening, and I’m sure you all – I can see the heads nodding.  It’s a world that’s made for new ideas, with enterprising people who want to make something happen.  And it’s unlimited, without boundaries – particularly if we get the politics out of the way, right?

So we’ll try – we’re working on that, I promise you.  But I really want to hear from you.