Secretary of Energy Rick Perry’s Comments to the Press

November 11, 2018
At Flower-Laying in Honor of the Heavenly Hundred

Question from Reporter:  Secretary, your opinion about the move of our Ministry, linking the price of natural gas here to the price of gas at European hubs, while Ukraine doesn’t have its own normal market of energy and other similar resources.

U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry:  Let me first say what a privilege it is to get to stand in front of this monument.  The price of freedom is oftentimes very high.  And the Ukrainian people, particularly these patriots whose pictures are along this wall, are to be honored forever.  One of the ways that we can honor them is by making sure that there is economic freedom in Ukraine.  And one of the best and most powerful ways that we can do that, is through the development of an energy infrastructure in Ukraine.  And that’s our goal on this trip, is to relay to the Ukrainian leadership that there are both the United States private sector companies and the United States government that look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.  Thank you all very much.