Remarks by Deputy Chief of Mission Kristina Kvien At a World AIDS Day Commemoration

November 29, 2019

Good morning, everybody.  I think it’s a testament to your dedication and belief in this cause that you’re all here today despite the rain and a little bit of inclement weather.

First, I’d like to thank 100% Life for organizing this event today, and also for their dedication to this cause over many years.

The United States is committed to our longstanding partnership with the Ukrainian government and civil society to end this epidemic.  Together, we feel we have made extraordinary strides.

Since launching programs in Ukraine about 13 years ago, the United States’ PEPFAR program has invested more than $240 million in support of Ukraine’s HIV response.

And I’d like to congratulate the Government of Ukraine for the tremendous work it has done so far.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Health has adopted new guidelines to streamline HIV testing and diagnosis, which will allow for faster and easier access to treatment.

The health reforms that the Ukrainian government has undertaken has really opened the door to getting treatment and support to those who need it.

We consider this a pivotal time for the fight against HIV and AIDS. We feel that for the first time in modern history, we may be able to eradicate a pandemic without a vaccine or a cure.

But there’s no magic bullet.  This fight will continue to take very strong leadership and strong dedication.

And that’s why the message today – get tested, know your status – is so important to this fight.  The United States will continue to support Ukraine in its fight, and globally, and hopefully together, we can all win this battle.

Дуже дякую.  Thank you very much.  It’s really been a pleasure to see all of you today.