Remarks by DCM Kristina Kvien at American Chamber of Commerce Independence Day Celebration

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Thank you everybody. It’s wonderful to be here. First of all, let me say I’m incredibly impressed with the crowd here — so large!

I’m glad you’ve all come to enjoy the beautiful day and take advantage of the lovely space.

First of all, I’d like to thank Andy and the American Chamber of Commerce, for  having me join you today.  I’d also like to thank  all of the American businesses and sponsors who have helped make today possible.

As many of you may know, in the United States we celebrate the 4th of July to remember our freedom, our liberty and all of the hard work that went into gaining those things.

And I think in Ukraine, Ukrainians can appreciate the very same thing, because I think you too can understand the sacrifice that went into the liberty and democracy that you know enjoy.  So I think we can all enjoy this day together, and celebrate our democracy and liberty together.

I also want to mention a little bit about the theme today. It’s Route 66. I don’t know how many of you know what Route 66 is, but it is a road I believe started in about 1926 or so that went between Chicago, Illinois and Santa Monica, California.

Back in 1926, California was considered a bit of a wild place and a place of opportunity. Where people could go from the Midwest and start a new life.  So they would take Route 66, which back then was pretty slow, and not like it is today where you can do it in a day.  Back then it took many days. It had a myth about it, and people still to this day talk about it and take portions of it.

And it’s a little special to me personally, because I used to live just about half a kilometer from a part of Route 66 in California, so I know where it is and I used to walk down those streets every day.

If after looking at the various things about Route 66 here today, it interests you to perhaps visit the United States, I hope you’ll think about it and maybe try it one day.

So with that, I think I’ll just say thank you so much, thank you Andy. I hope you have a wonderful evening, and good luck in the raffle!