Remarks by Ambassador Yovanovitch at a Media Literacy Event at America House

March 1, 2019

Thank you, Mary.   I am very glad to be here today.

I am pleased to welcome the participants from all over Ukraine to our nationwide “fact-hunting” activity.

The global media landscape is experiencing a revolution.  Social media has changed the way people get information and understand the world.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that we, as active citizens, develop critical thinking skills in order to sort out truth from fiction.

This is particularly important in Ukraine this year as you prepare for – [Audience: Elections!] –both presidential and parliamentary.

The future of Ukrainian democracy is in your hands.

Ukrainians, you deserve an election process you can be proud of and that lives up to the promise of the Revolution of Dignity.

I am confident that today’s “Fact-Hunting Activity” will be a lot of fun, but more importantly, I’m confident that it is also going to help you apply media literacy skills when you read and share news about the upcoming Ukrainian elections.

Please share what you learn today with others.

And, of course, please vote in the elections.  Your voice matters.

I am really pleased to open this important lesson today with Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy, Helen Fazey.

So, hello, Helen.  We’re so happy that we’re doing this together.  Once again, demonstrating the special relationship with the special country of Ukraine.

So, how are you doing?  [Response from the Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy: Thank you, Masha. Yes, we are doing well at the British Council and we are ready to go.]

Excellent!  Excellent!  So I think I’m going to turn it over to you.