Remarks by Ambassador Yovanovitch at theTransfer Ceremony for Night Vision Devices

February 14, 2018
As Delivered

Доброго ранку!

Шановний генерале Муженко, шановні пані та панове.

Це задоволення для мене бути сьогодні тут для передачі двох тисяч п’ятисот приборів нічного бачення нашим партнерам в Збройних Силах України.  З ними загальна кількість  приборів нічного бачення  що ми надали збільшилася майже в два рази.

Технологія в цих приборах дозволяє Збройним Силам України залишатися пильними  та гарантувати безпеку українського народу в нічний час.

Those opposition forces who would threaten the sovereignty of Ukraine can no longer hide under the cover of darkness.

We have already seen night vision devices being put to good use defending Ukrainian territory in the east, and improving the training capacity of the Armed Forces.

These Night Vision Devices are critical to building Ukraine’s capacity but they are really only a small part of the over $850 million in security assistance the United States has provided to Ukraine since 2014.

U.S. provided training and equipment has helped Ukraine better defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, generate and employ forces more effectively, as well as monitor and secure its borders.

The United States provides this assistance because we are committed to helping Ukraine defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

That means helping to increase the capacity of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

That means helping to train and equip the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

It also means helping Ukrainian Armed Forces to reform itself.

At the strategic level, this means a continued focus on reforms that bear concrete results.

This includes adopting a law on national security that strengthens civilian and democratic oversight in the defense and security sectors in line with Euro-Atlantic principles.

It means implementing a capabilities based planning system to ensure Ukraine builds a professional, sustainable defense force capable of fully protecting Ukraine’s territorial integrity;

It means creating transparence and accountability in the defense sector through the implementation of internal control systems to manage risk;

And it means reforming Ukraine’s defense industry to ensure that it operates in line with international standards of corporate governance and transparency.

Впровадження цих заходів допoможе Україні на шляху до досягнення спільних цілей; у розбудові міцних, спроможних та сумісних з НАТО Збройних Сил України.

Дуже дякую. Слава Українi!