International Holocaust Remembrance Day Commemoration Remarks

Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Kristina A. Kvien
January 27, 2021

I am humbled to join you today as we solemnly remember and honor the six million lives tragically lost during the Nazi era, a period of unparalleled depravity and inhumanity.

As we come together to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we express our commitment to remembering the past, and preserving the truth.

History remembers, and we must never forget, the atrocities the Jewish community faced during the Holocaust.

The Holocaust continues to serve as a warning to us today that is no less urgent than it was when the world first learned of the extent of Nazi crimes decades ago.  We must never forget how quickly fear, hate, and bigotry became normalized and soon came to govern a nation.  We must today uphold and recommit ourselves to the vow of “never again.”

Today, the Jewish community continues to face discrimination and hate, but as they have done through some of the darkest periods in human history, they maintain their faith.

On behalf of the United States of America, I light this candle as a signal to the world that freedom and justice will always shine brighter than hate and oppression.

Let us remember and honor those who perished and pay tribute to those who survived as we continue to fight for religious freedom and tolerance for all.