Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Kyiv, Ukraine

Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Kyiv, Ukraine (July 8, 2020)
Location: Ukraine
Event: Updated Entry and Exit Requirements

The Ukrainian government has launched Visit Ukraine Today, a new platform that provides information on the entry and exit requirements for foreign travelers who plan to visit Ukraine. The website contains information regarding observation and self-isolation requirements, medical insurance requirements and options, and specific instructions on how to take a COVID-19 PCR test and submit the results through the “Dii vdoma” mobile application to end the self-isolation requirement.

Currently, the Ministry of Health considers the United States a “Red Zone” country with a high incidence of COVID-19. Visit Ukraine Today provides instructions for foreigners arriving from “Red Zone” countries who cross the border of Ukraine on how to install the “Dii vdoma” application upon arrival and select one of following options:

1. Observation in specialized locations;
2. 14 days self-isolation at a private residence;
3. Taking a PCR COVID-19 test after crossing the state border.

U.S. citizens entering Ukraine will be required to select one of these options as long as the Ministry of Health considers the United States a country with high incidence of COVID-19. The Ministry will review the list of countries with high incidence every three days and publish any updates on their website. Accordingly, U.S. citizens traveling to Ukraine should check the latest determination prior to travel and be prepared to comply with these regulations upon arrival.

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