Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Kyiv, Ukraine

Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Kyiv, Ukraine (April 1, 2020)

Location:  Ukraine

Event: The Ukrainian Ministry of Health has issued guidelines on COVID-19 treatment.  If you believe that you have symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, you should remain at home.  Do not go to the hospital in person.  Call an ambulance by dialing 103 from either a mobile phone or land line.  A special medical team will come to perform an initial checkup, and if they determine that you may have COVID-19, they will take you to one of the specially designated infectious diseases hospital in your area.

Medical care in Ukraine is not free for foreigners.  The hospital will ask for proof of medical insurance valid in Ukraine or you may be asked to sign a repayment agreement.  Please note that the U.S. Embassy cannot provide medical assistance or medications.  We strongly encourage U.S. citizens to contact the U.S. Embassy if taken to the hospital.

Although no commercial flights are available at this time, all U.S. citizens interested in possible evacuation should be prepared to leave on short notice and notify the U.S. Embassy that they are ready to travel.  Check the validity of your U.S. passport.  If it expires in the next three months, send an email to to schedule an emergency appointment to renew it.  The U.S. Embassy maintains a list of U.S. citizens who are considering leaving Ukraine for the United States.  Please enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), and in addition, provide your name and contact information to our email address if you have not already done so.

Your email message should include the following information:

  • Your full name as spelled in your passport
  • Information we can use to contact you now – a current phone number and email address.
  • Your date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Your passport number, and its date of issuance and expiration.  If it is not a U.S. passport, please note the country that issued it.  Please also note any non-U.S. citizen immediate family members traveling with you.
  • Please note your current location (city and country) and any special needs you may have, such as medical issues.
  • Your travel plans and whether or not you are requesting financial assistance from the U.S. Government (please be aware that financial assistance is a loan and must be repaid).

Ukrainian government officials announced that all passenger air travel in Ukraine, including ongoing repatriation flights, was suspended after March 27.  General quarantine procedures in Ukraine have been extended through April 24.  Additional information on COVID-19 in Ukraine is available at the Embassy’s webpage.

In the United States, passengers may be subject to CDC screening, health observation, and monitoring requirements upon reentry to the United States. For additional questions, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 Information for Travel page.

Actions to Take: