Office of Defense Cooperation

The Office of Defense Cooperation works with the Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense to provide military equipment and training to support the modernization of Ukraine’s military. They also do humanitarian work with orphanages.

Joint Contact Team Program-Ukraine (JCTP)

The mission of the Joint Contact Team Program (JCTP) is to deploy US military teams to Ukraine to acquaint the Ukrainian military with various aspects of western militaries. The program was developed in 1992 to assist the armed forces of Ukraine, as the military of one of the emerging democracies of Central and Eastern Europe.

International Military Education and Training (IMET)

The IMET Program provides training in the United States to selected foreign military and related civilian personnel. The overarching security cooperation objective is to promote stability, democratization, military professionalism, and closer relationships with NATO.

Foreign Military Sales/Foreign Military Financing

The FMF program assists the Ukrainian military in conducting defense reform by providing funds for Ukraine to purchase US military equipment and services.

California–Ukraine State Partnership Program

SPP Mission is to promote democracy, free market economies and military reform, by establishing long-term institutional affiliations and personal relationships at the state and local level. The California – Ukraine partnership directly supports both the goals of the US Ambassador to Ukraine and Commander, U.S. European Command. As part of the Governor’s Cabinet, the Adjutant General of the California National Guard facilitates partnerships throughout the state and local governments in California as well as the private sector.  Recently, a tuberculosis clinic in Odesa was renovated with funds provided by this office.

Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC)
Chief: COL Robert Peters
Phone: 380-44-494-1940/Fax: 380-44-490-7292
25 Lesi Ukrainky Blvd
Kyiv 01133 Ukraine