Importer Assistance

Find a U.S. Supplier

The U.S. Supplier List provides Ukrainian importers with contact information of qualified U.S. Suppliers of food, farm, seafood and forest products.

Commodity Information

Commodity specific information offered for sale by U.S. agricultural industry. This page is supported by the FAS USDA commodity devisions.

Trade Leads

If you are looking for an American supplier of a food or agricultural products and were not able to locate it through the Find a U.S. Supplier option on this page, you may order a custom search for a supplier for your importing company. In order to do that fill the application form. It will be resend to an appropriate FAS office responsible for the commodity in question. FAS/Washington will do a custom search and supply you with the contact information. Please, note, that this search can take some time, especially if your inquiry is about some very specific products.

Supplier Credit Guarantee Program

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s export credit guarantee programs help ensure that credit is available to finance commercial exports of U.S. agricultural products, while providing competitive credit terms to buyers. The Supplier Credit Guarantee Program (SCGP) helps exporters offer direct, short-term credit to foreign buyers of U.S. food and agricultural products. Under this program, USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) reduces the financial risk to exporters by guaranteeing a large portion of the payments (currently 65%) due from importers under financing arrangements of up to 180 days. The direct credit extended by the exporter to the importer for the purchase of U.S. agricultural products must be secured by a promissory note signed by the importer. USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) administers this program on behalf of the CCC, which issues the credit guarantee. The exporter or the exporter’s bank provides the financing, thus Ukrainian importers can use much more attractive loan rates from US banking institutions.

Shows and Exhibitions

FAS Marketing Events Calendar contains a variety of international promotional activities, from major trade shows to smaller events such as store, hotel and catalog promotions organized by FAS offices overseas. Events supported by State Regional Trade Groups (SRTG) are also listed. Please note that trade shows marked USDA Supported! receive significant support from the FAS Trade Show Office in Washington, D.C. and/or overseas posts.

USDA Contractors List

List of producers and trade assosuiations that maintain working relations with USDA.

Buyer’s Alert

Buyer Alerts is a biweekly newsletter distributed by FAS directly to foreign buyers in more than 100 countries by over 15,000 importers worldwide. This search engine contains advertisements published in the Buyer Alert newsletter within the last two months. You may search by Category and/or Product. If you search by Category you will obtain a list of all the products within the specified category.