Department of Energy Office

DOE-Kyiv represents Department of EnergyNational Nuclear Security Administration, and U.S. National Laboratory programs and interests in Ukraine.  DOE Kyiv supports a broad spectrum of programs that address nuclear nonproliferation, energy, and environmental challenges in Ukraine, primarily through application of transformative science and technology solutions.

DOE-Kyiv supports U.S. energy policy focused on increasing Ukraine’s energy security through engagement with Ukrainian counterparts and other international partners. The United States and Ukraine have successfully implemented a number of energy projects and initiatives relating to nuclear energy, natural gas and coal. DOE has ongoing projects focused on energy resilience across all sectors, fossil fuels, nuclear energy optimization and safety, and energy efficiency.  The office supports Ukraine’s energy security through the DOE-led U.S.-Ukraine Strategic Energy Partnership, which facilitates closer government and private sector cooperation between the United States and Ukraine, and in the U.S.-Ukraine Strategic Partnership’s bilateral working group on Economy and Energy.

DOE-Kyiv is the primary point of contact in Ukraine for DOE/NNSA’s Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation, supporting the key national security objective of reducing the threat of global nuclear and radiological terrorism.  In 2012, with assistance from the United States, Ukraine shipped out the last of its highly enriched uranium to Russia, a major step lessening the amount of vulnerable nuclear material globally. Since then, the office supports efforts to: secure nuclear energy and radiological materials and facilities to prevent diversion, theft and sabotage; secure Ukraine’s borders against illicit trafficking; control dual-use material, equipment, technology and expertise; and to monitor and verify Ukraine’s compliance with international nonproliferation and arms control treaties and agreements, and to share nuclear security best practices.

DOE-Kyiv has advanced U.S. efforts related to the safe, secure, long-term decommissioning of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant.   For more information regarding this multilateral project, please see the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s web site.