Assistance Programs

U.S. Embassy Kyiv provides a variety of assistance in the form of training, consultations, and grants. Brief information on each of the Embassy’s sections and/or agencies that works in these areas is listed below. Please visit each section/agency’s page for further information.

U.S. Agency for International Development
Mission to Ukraine and Belarus
Director: Susan K. Fritz
Phone 380-44-521-5000
Fax 380-44-521-5245
4 Igor Sikorsky St.
Kyiv 04112 Ukraine

USAID development assistance supports more participatory, transparent, and accountable governance; citizen inclusion in democratic, economic, and social reforms; broad-based resilient economic development; enhanced energy security; and improved health services for Ukrainians.

USAID also supports U.S. Presidential Initiatives on Global Health and Global Climate Change.

Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS)
Agricultural Attache: Dwight Wilder
Contact: 380-44-521-5000, 521-5038 (fax)
4 Igor Sikorsky St.
Kyiv 04112 Ukraine

The Foreign Agricultural Service in Kyiv represents the interests of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Ukraine. The mission of FAS-Kyiv is to represent these interests while promoting and facilitating the trade of United States agricultural products in Ukraine.

US Comercial Service
Counsellor for Commercial Affairs: James Lindley
Contact: 380-44-521-5000, 521-5727 (fax)
4 Igor Sikorsky St.
Kyiv 04112 Ukraine

The Foreign Commercial Service in Kyiv is concerned with issues involving business information, marketing for U.S. and Ukrainian firms, and business development programs.

Peace Corps
US Peace Corps in Ukraine
Country Director: Denny Robertson
Contact: 0-44-391-6620/21 (fax)
111A Saksahanskoho St.
Kyiv 01032 Ukraine PO Box 204

The Peace Corps is an American volunteer program run by the United States Government, as well as a governmental agency of the same name. Peace Corps was established in Ukraine in 1992. Since that time Peace Corps  has cooperated with numerous progressive organizations. Each program participant, or Peace Corps Volunteer, is an American citizen who commits to working abroad in an assignment for the organization for a period of twenty four months after three months of training. American Volunteers work and live side by side with Ukrainian colleagues sharing experiences and developing relationships that often last a lifetime.

Law Enforcement Section (LES)
Head: Christopher Smith
Contact: 380-44-521-5000, 521-5354 (fax)
4 Igor Sikorsky St.
Kyiv 04112 Ukraine

The Law Enforcement Section implements technical assistance programs related to strengthening law-enforcement and rule of law in Ukraine as well as U.S.- Ukraine cooperation and compatting international crime.

Defense Threat Reduction Office
Head: Joanna Wintrol
Contact: 380-44-521-5000, 521-5795 (fax)
4 Igor Sikorsky St.
Kyiv 04112 Ukraine

The Defense Threat Reduction Office (DTRO) is a Department of Defense (DoD) office, which serves as the focal point for implementation of Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) programs and arms control treaty inspections and monitoring in Ukraine.

Export Control and Border Security (EXBS) Program
Chief: J.J. Jones
Contact: +38-044-521-5218, +38-044-521-5155 (fax)
4, Igor Sikorsky Street
Kyiv 04112 Ukraine

The Export Control and Border Security (EXBS) Program implements technical assistance activities aimed to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and destabilizing accumulations and irresponsible transfers of conventional weapons by building effective national strategic trade control system in Ukraine.

Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance: Ukraine – State Department Fact Sheet