Easing of Quarantine Restrictions in Kyiv

Location:  Kyiv

Event:  Kyiv city government has announced easing of quarantine restrictions in the city starting May 1, 2021.  Easing measures include the following:

  •  All public transportation will resume normal mode of operation (in compliance with the previous established anti-epidemic norms and rules).

Reopening of the following businesses and facilities:

  •      Retail stores, shopping and entertainment centers, markets, and fairs
  •      Bars, restaurants, and catering establishments
  •      Gyms and fitness centers
  •      Institutions providing administrative services
  •      Schools, kindergartens/preschools, and institutions of higher education will reopen May 5th.

In addition, several other regions have eased their COVID-19 restrictions.  Please check with your local authorities for further details.

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