Deputy Chief of Mission Pamela Tremont’s Remarks at a Vehicle Transfer Ceremony for the Counter Narcotics Department of the National Police of Ukraine

November 16, 2018

Chief Kniazev, Deputy Chief Abroskin, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for inviting me here today to celebrate another milestone in our cooperation.

I would like to congratulate the participants seated before us for having successfully completed the three-week Advanced Narcotics Investigations training.

The work that you do is not only important for Ukraine’s security, but for other nations, including the United States.

So on behalf of the United States, thank you for the work that you do, and I hope your new skills and knowledge will help you carry out your duties safely and effectively.

And I would like to thank the United States Drug Enforcement Agency for helping complete this training and for the cooperation, and of course, our own INL section, for arranging it.

This cooperation is just one part of over 2.8 billion dollars the United States has invested in Ukraine’s future since 2014.

So today, I’m very pleased to hand over 7 new vans and technical equipment to the Counter Narcotics Department of the National Police of Ukraine.

These vans and equipment are not just tools to advance the fight against narcotics trafficking and the societal ills that it brings, they’re also symbols of the United States’ continuing commitment to Ukraine and the National Police of Ukraine.

The Counter Narcotics Department has shown impressive results in stemming the flow of drugs in Ukraine, as the Chief spoke about.

And we hope that this donation will continue to advance the work that you do by providing the logistical support that you need.

So, Chief Kniazev, I would like to present you with this certificate, which formalizes our donation of these vehicles and the equipment.

So thank you for inviting me to this ceremony and to the officers of the National Police of Ukraine, I wish you success and safety in your ongoing fight to protect the Ukrainian people.