Deputy Chief of Mission George Kent’s remarks on the 25 Years of Diplomatic Relations at English Access Microscholarship Summit

English Access Microscholarship Program Summit 3

July 13, 2017

(as prepared)

Hello and welcome to the 25 Years of Diplomatic Relations English Access Microscholarship summit!

It’s always a pleasure to meet such energetic young people who are interested in the English language and in America.

I hope that you have learned a lot and are making good connections during your summit experience so far. I know that you have travelled near and far from all regions of Ukraine in order to participate in this great event.

For the past 25 years Ukraine and the United States have had an enduring partnership which includes not only projects in the places you’ve visited today like the Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation site at St. Sophia Monastery, the Kyiv Patrol Police Headquarters, and America House.

Our two countries also cooperate in many other spheres such as economics, energy, health, and the environment. Our partnership is a strong one. The United States supports a Ukraine that is whole, free, and at peace in Europe.

This partnership is not only about polices and projects; it’s about connecting people too. People like you who are interested in English language and expanding your horizons. People like the diplomats, Marine Security Guards, Peace Corps Volunteers, and FLEX Alumni you met at camp Slavutych yesterday.

We have thousands of alumni of educational exchanges between our two countries, including Peace Corps Volunteers and Future Leaders Exchange participants who have contributed to communities throughout Ukraine.

And that’s not all! Ukrainian people work in many various ways to improve our relations. Project Harmony International, the Non-Government Organization which runs the Access program works with us on a daily basis to help better meet the needs of English language learners in Ukraine.

There are also your incredible Access teachers who do so much to teach you about U.S. culture and English language.

Without their help, you would likely not have attained the language skills to participate in this summit.

A partnership like ours can’t work without bright and engaged people. People like you. Access students, you are the future. You are what success looks like in Ukraine, in the United States, and around the world for the next 25 years and beyond!