Cute Animals Instagram Caption Giveaway

As we look forward to Earth Day on April 22 and look for ways to spread some happiness online, join us for a Cute Animals Caption Instagram Giveaway Contest, featuring animals living in U. S. national parks and public gardens!

Show us your sense of humor and creativity! But let’s also be kind – no captions comparing animals to any specific people!  Write a fun caption under the animal image on the Embassy’s Instagram @usembkyiv and get entered for a chance to win a gift bag from U.S. Embassy Kyiv!

How to Enter

From April 7 through April 22, 2020, animal images will be posted on the Embassy’s Instagram @usembkyiv. To participate, post a fun caption for the cute animal image in the comment under the image and tag two (2) friends. To increase your chances of winning, post a comment under each contest-related image and like the comment you like the most.

To provide an eligible reply:

  • Write a caption about the cute animal in the comment under the relevant post.  (Remember: Let’s be kind! No captions comparing animals to specific people will be eligible.)
  • Tag two or more of your friends.
  • Like the caption you enjoyed the most of all

A participant can only submit one comment under each post; all other comments by a given participant under a given post will be disqualified. Giveaway participants and other Instagram users can vote by liking their favorite caption. The comment that will get the highest number of likes will be also eligible for the prize.

On April 22, those who provided eligible comments will be entered into a Live Instagram Raffle at 4:30 pm Kyiv time to determine the winners who will receive gift bags with U.S. Embassy-branded prizes. Each contest item will have 2 winners – one selected by a randomizer, and one that meets all contest rules and is selected by users based on the number of their likes for the funniest comment. In case of a tie for the most likes, a winner will be randomly selected.

Participation in this Giveaway is deemed as acceptance of these Official Rules. Participants are reminded that by participating in the contest, they are bound by Instagram’s Terms of Service and any agreements with Instagram contained therein.

Comments for this contest must not contain obscenity, profanity, policy issues, real names of people, commercial solicitation or commercial promotion. Comments must conform to local law and must not contain content that could be considered abusive, inflammatory, denigrating, or disrespectful to any groups, individuals or institutions. U.S. Embassy reserves the right to delete any comments under the Giveaway posts that don’t comply with the aforementioned requirements or are otherwise inappropriate. Submissions must adhere both in appearance and in fact to the norms of civil discourse.  In other words, the content of all submissions must be suitable for a global, public audience.


Participants must be at least 13-years-old on the date of entry in the contest. Participants must be residents of Ukraine and may not be U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents.

The Giveaway starts on April 7. Comments may be submitted between April 7 and April 22, 2020. The prize raffle will be conducted live on Instagram at 4:30 pm Kyiv time on April 22.


Winners will be announced on the Embassy’s Instagram account @usembkyiv on April 22, 2020. Each winner will be randomly awarded U.S. Embassy-branded prizes.

The same person cannot win more than once during any one Giveaway. In the event that the same individual is chosen twice by the Randomizer, another participant will be selected.