Comments to the Press by U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry Following President Zelenskyy’s Inauguration

May 20, 2019

Senator, Ambassadors — we have a small but very significant group of people from the United States who have come to this historic [event].  Senator Ron Johnson and Ambassador Sondland of the EU, representing the United States in the EU.

It was said a number of times – had we had a little bit more of a head start, if we had known a few more days, we would have probably had five times a larger delegation.  Because the people of the United States stand with the people of Ukraine.  President Zelenskyy’s speech was very powerful in his imagery about the future of Ukraine.  And the point being that his election was about the people of Ukraine, not him.

And the United States will stand with the people of Ukraine.  We will stand with them in their quest for independence, in their quest for freedom, and one of the most powerful ways that they can see that freedom is through economic freedom.  So, America is here to send a clear message.  The President of the United States has asked us to come, to share with the people of Ukraine, that they can count on the United States, count on working with this president, and hopefully working with this Parliament, to make the greatest days ahead for the people of Ukraine.  Thank you very much.