Remarks by CDA Kristina Kvien at the Announcement of the Head of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption

January 15, 2020

Thank you very much.  Mr. Prime Minister, Ministers, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, good morning.  It’s an honor to participate at this important milestone that many in this room have worked very hard to achieve.

I, too, would like to start, however, by taking a moment to offer my condolences to the people of Ukraine and to the families and friends of the passengers and crew killed in last week’s tragic airplane crash.

I would like to commend President Zelenskyy, Prime Minister Honcharuk, and the many other Ukrainian officials who have been involved in responding to this disaster.  We very much appreciate their professional and effective manner and the United States stands with Ukraine in this difficult time.

We’re here today to congratulate Mr. Novikov on his new role as Head of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption.  We at the United States Embassy and the United States back in Washington, we’re very proud to work in close coordination with the Cabinet, the European Union and other international organizations to support this effort.

The people of Ukraine have waited a long time for real change.  This moment offers the NAPC a new opportunity to fulfill its mandate and demonstrate that the sacrifices made by brave individuals in 2014 were not in vain.

The NAPC’s potential is great.  It can act as a hub within the Government of Ukraine to promote key functions such as political finance reform and conflict of interest policies, and support anti-corruption units across the many Ministries.  We stand by you and will support you in this mission.

Ukraine’s anti-corruption institutions working properly will safeguard Ukrainian citizens and bolster Ukraine’s independence, security, and prosperity.

Mr. Novikov, we congratulate you today and look forward to seeing the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption become a true champion of change.

Thank you.