Ambassador Yovanovitch’s Remarks at Water Treatment Pilot System Launch

October 25, 2018

I just want to say, it is a thrill to be here with all Маріуполці and some [from] Kyiv as well.

I think some of you may remember, Mariupol was the very first place that I visited when I first arrived in Ukraine two years ago.

And then I came back on New Year’s Eve of December 2016 with Senator McCain to visit Ukrainian troops.

So, Mariupol is a special place to me.  And it’s made even more special by coming back and doing this exhibition of what really cutting-edge technology can do to make water safe for not just Маріуполці, but anyone in the world.

Obviously, there have been historical issues with the quality of water here, and the war has only made that worse.

And it’s our firm belief that the people of Mariupol – like all the people in Ukraine – deserve to live in peace and prosperity, but also in healthy conditions, which means clean drinking water.

So, establishing a safe and clean water supply is absolutely critical and it’s an important step in that direction.

So, we just heard about the “electrodialysis reversal” and I’m going to leave it to the engineers on that technical matter, except to say that I’m really glad that we have a team of American, Ukrainian, and Dutch engineers and experts who are working on this issue.

And so Evoqua Water Technologies from the U.S., the Ukrainian HydroTech Engineering, obviously from Ukraine, the Dutch Pure Water Group from the Netherlands, are showing what can be achieved when our nations, our businesses, our people tackle a problem together.

And as an American, I know that the American Evoqua Water Technologies company has a lot of valuable experience to share.  Evoqua solutions treat more than 70% of U.S. municipal wastewater and they serve over 225 million Americans.  That is two-thirds of the population of the United States!  So this is proven technology.

And I would just conclude by saying what I said in the beginning, a clean water supply is essential for living a healthy life and the people of Mariupol deserve a clean water supply.

This pilot, we believe, is an important step in that direction.  And as we’ve heard, it’s environmentally and ecologically very efficient.

And so, I’ll just make a pitch with the Mayor here and the Minister here; we hope that the city of Mariupol rolls out this technology for the benefit of all Маріуполці.