Ambassador Yovanovitch’s Remarks at the Employment Fair in Ternopil

November 8, 2018


Hi, everybody! Вітаю вас!

It is great to be here today and I have to tell you, I took my very first ride on the trolley bus from the new McDonald’s — that everybody here should go to — to come here to see this employment fair.

And I was able to see firsthand how the innovations that Mayor Nadal and the Council have introduced, working with the Association of Ukrainian Cities, are making public transportation here more accessible, more convenient, and more transparent.

And we’re proud to partner with the city of Ternopil on that.

So first, I’d like to say a word to the organizers who are standing behind me. Today’s fair is so important because it was organized by all of you — local communities, local governments, local universities — seeking new leaders with new ideas to help create prosperity and better life for Ukraine’s citizens.

This is a great example of what decentralization reform can achieve, working for the Ukrainian people.

By using additional resources at a local level, you can engage new talents, new leadership, and create an environment that will build strong and affluent communities.

With decentralization, consolidated communities are taking on far more authority and responsibility. So you need talented, innovative, dedicated individuals to take on those decisions and make the right decisions for you.

So Ternopil is leading the way by agreeing to pay tuition fees of ten students in exchange for their agreement to work for the city after they graduate.

So congratulations to Mayor Nadal and the Ternopil City Council for showing confidence in all of the students who are here and in today’s youth – tomorrow’s leaders.

I also hope that this student employment fair becomes a model for other cities and communities across Ukraine.

So now I’d like to say a word to the students. So, let me ask you this: Who here is a student? Raise your hands! Raise your hand! Another one! All right, all right, lots of students!

So of the students: Who here wants to work for the government? The city government, the oblast government, the central government? Who’s here? Raise your hands! I want to see lots of hands going up!

I worked for my government and I will tell you that there is no better career than working to try improve your future.  There is no better feeling than going to work every day and trying to make life better for your fellow citizens.  Because the purpose of government is to serve the people. To provide better services, more services, and to improve the lives of the Ukrainian people.

So today, with this employment fair, I hope that maybe you find a job, but I hope you also find a vocation.

One that will give you professional and personal satisfaction, while also helping develop communities and the rest of the Ukraine prosper.

So I wish you a lot of luck today and with your studies and your careers!